Thursday, December 17, 2009

Adios Abu ~ school show ~ updates......

So Abu spend 5 days with us full of joy and allot of help for me, I was able to run some errands without the girls, and Abu helped me so much around the house, she fix closets, clean fridge, help me sew our Christmas pants so so many things she is just great.  Nenas always remember Abu is a special person she brought mami to this world and worked very hard so we could grow up and be good human beings.  Also remember one day Abu is going to be old and we would take care of her like she took care of us.  Remember our grandparents are there to be taken care and loved.

Abu was lucky enough to take Samia to dance I know all of this stuff makes her so happy and best of all today we went to her school Christmas play.  It was great she sang away she also got to wear her reindeer red shirt that she made.  She also wanted to wear 3 pony tails instead of 2 don't ask me where she got her new hair do.

Samia yesterday you fix your little friends goody bags, you were so thrill about fixing them and putting them in each of your friends cub...I just love the fact you love to share.

You did very good in your presentation you sang very well and enjoy your time and by the way you were picking at us I know you were super excited about seeing Abu and me there.

Gamila you entertain Abu with your chachara wow can you talk up a storm...I am not sure how you go from singing merry xmas to twinkle start and then a story about Samantie and Samia make up stories and love to make us laugh.
Milo also yuyu is now your best friend a few weeks back you did not even want to be near the poor dog, now you wake up and want her right away.

In a different note yesterday I went for my 28 week check up I was so happy when I was told I had pass my glucose test with flying colors that was not possible, I though it was wrong since with the two other pregnancies I had to inject insulin and everything I could not believe it and to top it off I had lost 2 lbs that was even better.  So far we are doing fine...I finish sewing some cool pants for my little nene...after Christmas I will finish embroidery a few onesis to match pants, I am also crocheting a blanket and I will be making him some blankets if I ever make my mind with the fabric choices I also have some burp cloths to make...

I am so excited nene I can not wait to hold you is amazing how much I love you already...

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