Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pescado pescadito arbolito!!!!

So the weekend is over and I have to admit I felt lonely baba is working many hours.  But I know is temporarly that is what matters.  I did a few things with baba, with the girls and bymyslef.

On Saturday Kim a friend from the mami group had offered to let us have her fish tank baba was all excited after seeing Samia so happy with her fishes he wanted more.  Funny is that he never allow fish in the house oh well Samia made him change his mind.  The truth is that he wants a dog a big dog and I was like NO NO if you want a dog it has to be a toy dog, but in his macho mentatlity he thinks small dogs es de maricones.  Si nenas that is what baba thinks...for all we know the baby boy that as of now we still don't have a name for would think the same way.  So from having a big dog we are going for a bunch of little fish.

So I went on Saturday to pick it up came home with it and had to wait for baba to come home and unload it, she gave us everything you need thank you!  He fix it in the few hours he was home and today I gave him a hand filling it with water and now letting the water condition for the fishis.

I also was able to finally finish my reading tree.  Samia loves to read and I being wanting to find a place where she can sit and read her books without Gamila in top of her so I cover one of our Egyptian ottomans with brown fabric.  With the same fabric I did the trunk of the tree using my starch to glue to the wall. For the leafs I used fabric, card stock and some of the paint swatches from Lowes.  Samia loves it and so does Milo. While I was finish it Gamila and Samia found a little hide out they even wanted to have dinner under it.




Kim said...

Hey Mami! The fishtank looks like NEW! I can't wait to see the fish you put in it! Oh, and if you bury the bubble machine under the rocks, it looks SO pretty when they come up from underneath and you can't see the bubble machine - looks awesome! Good luck with it! I am so glad Baba has changed his mind about the fish! BONITA!

Mistika said...

Thank you so much for the fish tank we are so excited!