Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going to fast

I am not sure if is only me but time flies by these days.  I can not believe I am almost 6 months in 3 I will be holding the baby Inshallah.  The pregnancy is going along with a few mishaps here and there my protein numbers are a bit high, kind of early compare to other times.  However I was never check this early  my prior pregnancies.  I will just have to take it easy the rest of the pregnancy I know resting as much as I can helps.  However is hard with the girls and also my hyper personality don't help.  Those that know me I can never stay still....baba says that I have ants in my nalgas.

Nenas incase you guys don't know by now baba does not like fish in the house, he beliefs they are bad luck however I love fish.  After Gullie die my old fish or that baba killed I never had one, thanks to Ms. Bonnie we now have two.  Baba was a bit reluctant about them but he even helped setting them on, and now he fees them with Samia.  Samia you love them you talk to them, you tell them goodnight you tell me when they are kissing.  Milo you fear every moving animal no matter size, however you are okey with them now you even talk to them as well.

Yesterday we got a package with Abuela for Milo's birthday the girls were inlove with everythign she send she sew so many cute outfits for the girls.  She just know everything you guys love.


Samia you love to play with fabric and play that you are making patterns.  I guess that you see me and you want to imitate me.  I love it.


Kim said...

Packages from Grandparents are the best, right?!
Ok, I drained my big fishtank and it is sitting in the garage - it has a stand and everything! You should borrow it and set it up for Samia - she would LOVE it! Let me know! It is a nice big one and has a big filter - I also have all the rocks and plants and accessories - all you would need is water and fish! Santa could bring it!

Stylomom said...

Nice - in our culture fish is good luck hence most Chinese has fish in their house. I have like 15 gold fish but my kids like to overfeed them, dangerous really. All the best with everything... time really flies.