Sunday, August 2, 2009

Headboards !!

For some reason I dislike big furniture maybe is due to the fact that we moved from Colombia and had to leave all our furniture behind, maybe because when we arrived to Miami we did not have any furniture at the beginning and then when we did have it got destroyed by a hurricane. This being said I am against big expensive furniture. Sorry nenas maybe the day you guys get marry you would have a huge wood headboard with huge night tables tocador (spanish for the big piece of furniture with a mirror) etc. I am just against huge china cabinets or dinning tables. I like small practical stuff.

With this on mind I have being battleling with baba to help me make a head board for the bed. I finally convince him so what we had in mind was buying canvas and covering them with fabric. Early Saturday morning we took a drive to Hobby Lobby and Michaels and truly they were kind of expensive since we need 2. So while there baba decided we would make a one with plywood and wood for the sides.

After a trip to the fabric store and the hardware store we were home ready to start on our $50 dollar project that saved us a couple of hundred dollars in a headboard and also with the advantage of changing the fabric when ever I want a different look.

After seeing the last product we had to make one for Samia she loved it.


Wenbren Explains It All said...

wow! pretty cool project and this way is more personalized, me gusta, buena idea! I will def let you know how it goes, I should be asleep now ready to tackle my big morning tommorrow!

Anonymous said...

cool! is a good way of saving money and as you say, you can change the look whenever you want!!!!