Thursday, July 30, 2009


Not sure why I have being so lazy to blog lately, there are so many things going on and I just get so lazy..I know bad thing to be lazy but sometimes it happens.

Samia you will be starting school 2 days per week the 2nd week of August I am so excited for you, just because you are thrill over it. You talk about it all the time you are aware I will drop you off and then pick you up, I think you will do great I think I will be the one going thru some kind of emotional distress knowing my princess is in school and I am not with you. On the other hand Milo you deserve to have some alone time with me, every thign you have learn has mainly being learned because repeating them with Samia, not because I have sat down and spend time with you.

Milo I also have a feeling you will be missing Samia allot, but I guess this is another stage of our family. Samia you will also would be starting ballet classes in September, that you are so so excited about, let's see how it goes.

Yesterday was baba's birthday I made him his favorite cake like always and his meat pie that I make that he loves. Baba is easy for gifts he loves his perfumes so that was his gifts. It was nice he had not spend a birthday with his parents for years I know that was something he really appreciated, God is always giving us gifts in so many ways and nenas always remember that the best gifts are those that are not material those last for ever. Material things come and go and after a while you loose your interest.


Anonymous said...

My kids start school next week and I'm looking forward to spending quality time with my 1yr old! He's growing so fast I need to cherish him!Happy Bday to your hubs!

Mistika said...

Wow they start soon!
This would be samia's first time I will let you know how it goes!

Yasemin said... excited for you all! You are such a sweet mommy. They will love this post when they get bigger!

Khadra said...

it is always harder on us when they start school. Last year I even cried and got emotional on the LAST day of school too!!

Farah said...

salams!! mira q voy viendo tu blog y m encanta lo divertido q lo haces. Es una pena q mi nivel de ingles sea bastante bajo y no pueda entender las cosas q cuentas :(
Bueno, espero q todo este bien y mando un calido abrazo para ti y tus nenas