Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Super Power Bracelt ~ Baba mi amor!

Hopefully this would be my last night of sleeping alone in the house (I started writing this early this morning and like always we had a change of plans decided to come and stay with baba tonight so now I am in Houma) tomorrow we have some errands to do for the house and Inshallah Thursday to the airport. We will be in New York till Saturday and Inshallah we will be back with Guido and Zetu. Not only we are excited because we would be seeing them but being in New York with the girls is going to be so nice, that is the place we meet and fell in love and started the journey of our life.

Nenas one day I will sit down and tell you how everything happen and how we had to leave NY in a red Nissan with everything in it and 300 hundred dollars in our packet after loosing everything. I have always though that our beginning is so different from everyone one else, we did not have a wedding with 300 people nor an apartment furnished, we got marry and slept in a twin bed for about 7 months. When we were trying to make it I lost my job and baba's business started going down the drain leaving us empty handed and trying to find a better future. Is funny how in the first 2 years of our marriage we had so many economic problems and we were able to grow stronger when most of the marriages drift apart when the economic bug hits their nest.

Nenas baba is my best friend we talk about everything and the best part is how he takes part out all of my crazy adventures and he never laughs at my ideas instead encourages me. Lately that he has being away so much I realize how close we are. I miss him and all the time we spend together. Usually we talk after I finish my novelas, he even watches them when he does not understand a word they are saying, but he patiently waits till it is over then we talk I show him what I am sewing or making and he even gives me a hand.

I took the time of making myself a fabric cuff band, I was a little hesitant about wearing it but now I love it After Samia saw mine she wanted one after putting it on she call them the "Super power bracelet to save the world" I told her that was a good idea but also added that the super power bracelets have to be together always holding hands I did it mainly thinking of New York and riding a subway. Samia also insisted that we make one for Gamila, and when we were driving to see baba, all of a sudden she started crying. I asked her, Princesa why you are crying? Mami baba has no super power bracelet. I felt so bad but at the same time so happy to see how she loves to share.

Before driving here today it rained in Baton Rouge and we did what I used to love when I was younger jump the puddles, but I think in my time we did it bare foot not with boots like she did, Samia you love to do this, Milo I promise you when you get a bit older you can join the fun.


Lisa said...

My ex in-laws always said that their marriage was happiest at the beginning when he was a PHD with no money and married student housing.

I also didn't have a wedding and mourn the loss, especially when watching Platinum Weddings. It sounds like you have handled the loss of the big day very nicely, as you are not complaining.

I'm looking forward to hearing about the trip! Visit Serendipity and tell us how it goes....Ccan't wait to see pics. Love you lots.

Me said...

Como quisiera tener tu entereza.

Mistika said...

Lisa - thanks so much for everything

Me - tu eres divina en tu forma unica...

Umm Omar said...

How awesome the grandparents are coming. That is so wonderful for the girls, especially. I grew up not knowing any of my extended family as they were all in Egypt and I was in the US, and I feel the loss of that and how it impacted me till this day. Hope you guys have a wonderful time with them. Enjoy them! And I love the wrist-bands. Your children have lots of memories that I'm sure they will cherish for many,many years.

Anonymous said...

I hope everything works out for you Mistika.

I love puddle jumping!

Anonymous said...

wow, its great to know how well things have worked out. To me, the only test of a relationship is in the hardships. :)

LOVING the puddle jumping pictures!

on the edge said...

Cleaver you with the Power Bracelets . maybe you can market them ? So cute !

Moe and I had a couple of hard years like what you described too and you are correct in saying that it makes your love stronger .

Enjoyed the puddles too . Oh to do that again . maybe when it rains next winter .