Friday, May 15, 2009

Read it to belive it #1

The other day I was watching the interview of Padre Alberto hit the link so you can get a little info on who he is and what he is done.

I have no comments on what he did or why he did..however through his whole interview he mention how different he sees things now than 10 years before years before and he got me thinking.

I being thinking I see life so different now than a few years back~~~~ so it makes me think that in a few years I might see life so different once again. So I am going to mention a few things that I will like more in relation to 10 years from now (hopefully you guys understand what I am trying to say) for all I know I read this in 10 years and I will be like wow Mistika what the heck you were drinking that Friday night!!!!

-I always say I want to let my gray hair grow I will not color them

-I am not going to do any plastic facial surgery

-I will not have more children

-I will not let my hair grow past my shoulders after 44 (and that is pushing my limits original I though 40 but boy that surely looks tooooo soon)

-I will not turn into a cuchibarbie (hard to translate CUCHI means old and barbie the doll hopefully you guys get the meaning. Nenas you will know that word for sure I will make sure I teach you all of my spanish mean, joking words)

-I will live up north where I can enjoy the 4 seasons (For all I know I end up with bad arthritis and weather changes are a NO)

-Before owning a home "I am not going to fill my house with a bunch of useless gadgets"

These are few that come to my mind now I know there would be many would be nice to read this in 10 years and see how I matter how many memory games I play, I have come to realize that I have forgotten some of what I felt or though years before, maybe by reading it one day I will belive when baba tells me "Mistika you said you were not going to color your gray hair"


Mama Kalila said...

It is funny how much things change even in a year.. I hadn't thought about ten until this... but...

I certainly hope we're in a house.

Add to that a good sized yard w/ plenty of room for a garden and a clothes line.

We'd like to have added 5 more children by then.

Beyond that... I don't know lol. Those are ones I'm pretty sure won't change (not saying they'll happen, just that they're pretty set in our plans).

I can't say no hair dye since I've done that since I was a kid lol

Mama Kalila said...

It just hit me that 5 plus Kalila is the 6 that we hope for... So hopefully in 10 years we will be done w/ having more kids too lol. Ok, not so much hopefully since we'd be happy with more.. but you know what I mean lol.

Anonymous said...

yeah I know I change my mind all the time from month to month, today I got a haircut and color, maybe next month I will want something different I always change my mind. Or when I go to a restaurant what do I order chicken or steak? I drive the waiter crazy because I can't decide. I can't imagine ten years from now!

*~Ange~* said...

let your hair grow! dont cut it!

Deare Diary said...

That is some deep thinking that you are doing, haha. As God reveals things to us, we begin to see things diffeently so that is a good change. It is a womens perogative to change her mind and Salesmen count on that. lol As for the hair colocr, well....take it from me, once you start it is hard to stop! Some changes are good but if they are not well...change it back hahahahah. This was fun reading this post.