Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother love

Feliz dia de las madres Abuela y mami~ Happy mothers day.

A special day for the woman that gave us our life, that woman that always offers us that unconditional love. I have had the chance to meet many cultures and one thing I have always notice is that the love of a mother is the same in every race, culture or religion. A mother in Palestine cries her suicidal son the same way a mother in England cries her son's death. Is a love that forgives everything that sometimes can be so vast that overlooks the obvious.

Abuela is the person that has made me what I am today and although I am 34, mother of two and the wife to a wonderful human being I still have allot to learn from Abuela. After Abuela the other mother figure I look to is Zetu after all she is the grandmother of my children and I know she would only want the best for me and I know I could never replace Amira but I know I am another daughter to her.

Is funny how we relate to Mothers Day by what gift they are going to give us...but I guess society just pushes us to that or perhaps we are so out touch with our feeling now days that material things have taken their place.

And when I talk like this I include myself I woke up this morning expecting a gift perhaps jewelry, a purse, a blouse, a place to go and eat....and then I kick my self in the nalgas


I can not be like this I have to be thankful that I am breathing and my girls are home with me healthy. I guess every year till the day I die I will be having this mix feeling trying to put my feelings before my materialistic demands. Maybe when I am old and nothing thrills me only seeing my grandchildren and children walk through that door I will learn....Inshallah

This weekend we went away, Nenas by the time you guys read this you will have already figure it out baba and mami are travel souls we just love to get away and enjoy ourselves. One thing baba and I agree on allot is that getting away helps the relationship and the family (and I know you might also think that it damages the pocket, but staying at 5 star hotel is not our idea of enjoying ourselves) is a time to share is funny but when you get away from the routine you feel how the family bonds, where there is no computer, no TV, no children toys in other words is only the 4 of us enjoying each other companies.

So this weekend we went to Biloxi, MS we found this little apartment for rent for the weekend...the place was great and it brought back so many memories from when we arrived in this country. I remember Miami Beach 1985 how the five us lived in a one bedroom apartment looking back today how did we do it, but we did it was the start in a new country that has being great to the 5 of us.

The place we stayed at is residential area around us there were many homes that had being batter by Katrina is sad how many houses are still destroyed, you wonder what happened to those owners.

This neighborhood we stayed at was establish in 1926 the best part was the tree that has being there since then. Is a beautiful big big tree you could tell it has gone thru more than one hurricane or storm but standing.

I had a wonderful time we left on Friday, Saturday morning we were up and early and went to the beach. Gamila this was the first time you have being to the beach. Samia you had being at the beach before but you were not happy before this time you loved it. Gamila you did great you played with the sand and best of all you went inside the water and stood by yourself...Gamila this time baba teach you to jump side ways every time a wave comes. Once again I reminisce when Abuelo teach me to jump when the waves were coming, here I am with Abuelo in San Andres Colombia.

We played so much that when we came back nenas you guys slept like little angels oh nenas you slept in your own bed that was after baba and mami used every single piece of furniture in the room to put around the bed.

Later on Saturday we went to the beach to walk and feed the birds oh nenas we all had so much fun!

Today we woke up early once again and we hit la playa for a little while before coming home.


Anonymous said...

Feliz Dia De Las Madres! I agree with you! Everything is so commercial, that's why this year I did the homemade gifts, I think It means so much more, the effort and time and love that you put in a gift means so much more! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time:)

Counselormama said...

What a great vacation for Mother's Day! Such wonderful pictures!

Umm Omar said...

Happy (belated) Mother's Day. Sounds like so much fun!! I love your posts, mistika. Always so thoughtful.

Khadra said...

OMG I love the daddy daughter kissing picture. So sweet!!

on the edge said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time !!! I miss the Gulf and Galveston so much . We have the Med across the street from us ... but isn't the same as the wild Gulf ! Great pictures ! Love the one of the KISS !!!