Friday, May 8, 2009

Disny on Ice - Duvet

So yesterday Samia and I had our first date and the place was Disney on Ice it was just great. From the moment we left the house, it was a big girls date like you were saying. While I was getting dress you were going crazy looking for your pursue princess purse. I know you enjoyed your time as much as I did, I love the fact that we talked all the way to the place, we ate ice cream, we sang....Allhmodulliallah I can share so many moments with you, it was just so nice driving that car and feeling this connection we already have.

The show was beautiful, Samia you were so excited looking all over the place looking everywhere asking:
Who is that?
Oh Gooffy!
Oh Tinkerbell!

I was also impress to see so many people knowing the economy is in hardships but is just so nice to see how many parents sacrifice and take their children to the show...literally seeing your child's face just makes you forget about any economic hardships, after all is only these things they remember.

Nenas I still remember how Abuelo and Abuela took us to Disney on Ice when I was growing up, maybe we did not have the best seats but I only know that now, back then I was excited and yesterday when I was there I relived those moments and I give thanks to them because I know they made allot of sacrifices to take me and see Disney on Ice.

Samia in your first Disney on Ice you saw the following characters:
Lion King, Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stich and Peter Pan, Inshallah next year we can take Milo I think she would be old enough to enjoy it.

Oh Samia yesterday I finally finish your duvet and you and your sister were making a picnic on top of it. I love it and I know you like it as well my next sewing project is Gamila's crib duvet. I love the fabric it has flowers, balls, and a big and little girl. I want to start getting out of the pink I think I am pink out for the past 3 years that is the only thing I have seen.


Umm Omar said...

Sounds like fun! How wonderful you got to spend one-on-one time with Samia. My little girl would be on cloud 9 if she got to see Disney on Ice. I love the blanket; is it a quilt?

Stylomom said...

My girls always love these Disney on Ice which comes to SIngapore every year, also, the Hi-5, Barney, Dora, everything that comes to Singapore...and they enjoyed these each time, except they can cost a bomb and not mentioning the merchandise...
You've made a great quilt there! Happy Mother's Day deary!