Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sleepless in Baton Rouge

So is past three o'clock AM and I am tossing from left to right back and forth in my bed, I hate it when this happens, I think about so so so many for instance trying to figure out the dates for guido and zetu to come also Abuela, I think this would be a great thing having the the two grandmas together.

Abuela and Zetu have never being together, I can just picture them together so different in so many ways but so alike in so many other ways, feeling the same things the love of a mother and the love of a grandmother. The language for starters would be an interesting thing to see, well I should add I did see it with Guido and Nono when Samia was born, and those two were in love with each other. Don't ask me how they communicated although Guido speaks English Nono speaks only Spanish and Italian so I am not sure how they did it. I guess it was the pasta that Nono made that made them best friends. They are always asking about each other and bringing gifts to each other. There is not a time that I speak with Guido and he does not ask for his Angel or vice versa. Is just so nice to see how this two families from complete different parts of the world and customs can accommodate so well to each other.

Maybe I am a dreamy but were there is love and specially Good Faith things are possible. Nenas always remember have good faith it does not matter if the other party is not acting with Good Faith, God sees what we do and he would take care of you when you are doing good actions.
Also, nenas keep on mind that even though we only do good sometimes not so good things happens to us, but that does not mean that God did not take care of us he is only making us stronger. God only gives us what he knows we can endure!!!!

Samia sometimes I sit and just stare at you and I see this little person forming, I do have to add you are a bit compulsive when it comes to picking up and cleaning.

The other day we were in the kitchen and I have a fruit basket inside were a few lemons, however I had just taken one out and put it in top of the counter....you are on your way out of the kitchen and stop in front of the lemon and out of the blue tells me "Mami please put the lemon inside the basket, it belongs there" baba blames me for this. You are so picky even for your plates if maybe the cup is wet it has to be dry before you hold it. When you come into the house you take off your shoes and throws them in the closet. Really I see a little mami in you, Abuela was even amazed when she came.

Gamila you are my little boy when it comes to this you don't care about anything your thing now day is carrying a baby all around the house...I have notice you want to sit in the potty, I think is mainly imitating Samia. You are starting to talk so much saying all kind of words however I do have to admit your favorite word is "Samia, Samia"

I think I should be able to go sleep now, at least I got some stuff out of my mind.


Yaya said...

I think it's common for people to go through insomnia spells during season changes. Hope you got some sleep!

Umm Omar said...

ugh, insomnia is never fun. I hope the two grandmas can get together soon. That would be wonderful. Imagine all the love!

One Anxious Mommy said...

I hate restless nights - at least you were a little productive with it. I hope you get more sleep tonight!!

wenbren explains it all said...

Hope you were able to sleep! I've been soo sick that I have actually slept too much and today I'm back! I do feel a little better but I'm still sick, at least I ate today! Did it make you sleepy after you posted?

Khadra said...

insomnia sucks.
but writing and freeing stuff from your head helps.

mistika said...

Yaya - thank you like always, you are so sweet.

Umm Omar - Inshallah things would work out

One Anxious Mommy - thanks

Wenbren - Yes it help, I was able to go back to sleep afterward.

Khandra - Yes it help