Monday, April 13, 2009

Catching up...

I know I have being out of the blog sphere the last couple of days but so many things have happen.

For starters I did not post Friday just because that was the day Mio went into the hospital and it was a sad day, remembering that was the last time I had a conversation with her while she was still okey.

Saturday we went to sign the paper work for the house and thank GOD that he is always taking care of us we found out somthing that made us change our mind eventhough the house is new being constructed they had found MOLD YES YOU ARE READING MOLD.

As you can imagine at this point we had no house again. We started to drive around the neighborhood again and we came across one that is being build by owner and that we had look at and said wow this house is pretty but for sure above our budget. At this point I am crying (yes nenas mami is a cry baby) and baba is telling me "Don't worry, we will find something" baba and the Realtor decided to call the number and ask the price just for the heck of doing it and WALLAH is the price is here we are again doing paper work for another house, bigger and prettier. Thank you God!

While all of these was going on Samia was staying with the Azadan's they were nice enough to take care of Samia and take her to her first Egg Hunt. I know the girls had a blast.
Sunday we were invited to Samantha's baptism it was a beautiful celebration. Samantha is a beautiful girl, full of love there is always a smile in her face no matter how tired she is. She is definitely a blessing to all of those that are around her. Papito Dios cuidamela y guardamela de todo peligro. Samia y Gamila siempre cuiden a Samantha y quieranla como una primita al igual que Alexandra ellas son personitas muy especiales para nosotros.


Anonymous said...

Your girls are so lucky that you take such amazing pictures of them all the time!!!!

KKGhoffman said...

yeah I am glad you found a even better house!!! :) We don't want you to move, but we do want you to be happy!!

mistika said...

Yaya - thanks about the compliment..I love looking at my pictures when I was growing up, I want the girls to feel the same way.

KKghoffman - I know, but thank God we would be about 1 hour from the outlets so I could still make it to some Gonzales playdates, I am so excited for Grady being an older brother

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

What gorgeous girls you have and a lovely family too boot! Do you scrapbook often? Oh how I wish I had the time..or patience. :(

Glad your Easter was merry and safe!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures that you take too! How do you post them like that into Easter postcards? That's cute and I'm glad you found out about the mold now and not after the house was yours!Thank god for inspections HA? Por algo hace dios las cosas,but I can understand your frustration I've been there!