Friday, April 24, 2009

Love Affair

First I of all this post was intended for earlier today but I spend my whole day trying to build my own blog design and I did it, after many many hours of trial an error...Mission Accomplish.

So yesterday was the Dia Internacional del Libro what a better day to tell you nenas my love story with books. I recall being a little girl and always seeing Abuelo with a book. I don't think that when I was growing up we had access to all of the books las nenas have now days. I do remember that when I turn 15 I had already started working and my love for buying books and reading them started to develop.

I remember also being in high school and reading many books some of them great books others I have to admit I just read them because I was force to read.

Reading is a great love affair it has is ups and downs...there are times I have stop reading for a couple of weeks but then I grab a book and is just like an addiction.

Book taste varies in my personal view, sometimes I like to read biographies, love stories, true crime, or history it just varies...and then there are those books that you just live the story I have seeing myself wearing helmets and fighting a battle or crying my heart out when that love one leaves.

I have never read a book twice that is something I will do when I get older..that is why I always leave inside the book a paper so many years from now when I open that book I could find a paper that would bring back great memories....So what do I put inside a book a bill showing my address, a little note from Samia, a birthday card, a picture etc.

I don't usually let others borrow my books...that is something Abuelo always teach books are personal items..and if you do let someone borrow it you run the chance of never getting it back.

I thank God the fact that I am able to read in two languages that has help me allot, nenas I really hope one of you would love to read ~ but I guess only time would tell.


Mama Kalila said...

Ooo... Common intrest. I love books. I don't even have room for all of mine lol

Stylomom said...

Hi Mistika,been a long time since I got here, pardon moi, been truly busy. Now I have my time again and and I am already starting to read my Arabic short stories. I think your girls will grow to like to read when they see you read, like my kiddies, I am happy that they too love books, and I must say its a good way to kill free time.

Stacey said...

Like you I have a love affair with books. I have always wanted to be a librarian or work in a bookstore. I love the new layout and I must say it loads faster than the old one.

wenbren explains it all said...

Love the way your blog looks! You are talented! I love to read too! Happy Saturday!

Amanda said...

I love books too. I love your idea about the personal item. What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I looooove books!!! I have sooo many, and I am teaching Nuria to love books as well. yesterday to celebrate Book's day, we went to the bookshop and we both got a book:-) I love how she is so careful with her books , because she says: mum told me books are friends, I don't want to break my friends. It makes me so proud of her, because I've seen other children's her age just destroying their books and painting them... So happy book's day to you!!!