Thursday, March 26, 2009

When nonsense made sense

So today I had to run to the Dr. after baba came home this sinus and ear infection are driving me crazy so I finally got to taken care off.

Samia was awake waiting for me and she wanted to check my ear, afterwards she did not stop talking, so I figure why not sit with my computer and type everything she says I think it would be neat to read this when she gets older and see how much nonsense she use to talk and talk and talk.

You are different like me

And I am different like and then

baba is different and gamila is different

How is 15 with 15 NO SE three

how does the monsters count till 15 Four

Mami talk to me

How about this let's play another game this game fish fish turn around NADAN no and wind turn
blowing things

Socks put on your foot

Then pants put in your legs

Then shirt put on your tummy

The computer jumps like jumping jive

Que mas

How fish turn around

Fish play with fishing pond and are Guppy

and how 15 tickle tickle

No no no okey

We can not play this game

How do we jump

You paw my heart

You my paw my wrist

I count the number you Elmo you are five

I think I will sit down

While all of these talking went Samia you jump, you threw yourself on the floor, you sat, you went to the rooms, you push the chair. Samia many of the words you said had no real spelling so I just type them as I heard them.

Samia also every time you finish a phrase I said "y que mas" (and what else)


Anonymous said...

Awhh that's so cute!:)

Counselormama said...

As you know, I know exactly how this goes! They are so random and funny!

Iman said...

hahaha...I miss those days! My son used to call hamburgers "hermburgers" and his sister Nura "Rura". I think he liked trilling his "r's" Egyptian style ;-)

on the edge said...

How could I have EVER forgotten the chitter chatter of little ones ? LOL ! How blessed you are with them .