Friday, March 27, 2009

Cyberworld, Elmo green all the way

So today I was thinking I blog and just the fact of blogging allows my readers to know about me, my personal life and my family life-- So, is it the same as Facebook or Myspace? Every time I sign on in Myspace or Facebook I can see what everybody is doing, well that is if they updated their status.
I mean what is too much?? Those the world has to know that I am lonely, that I am happy, that I am afraid, that is raining, that is sunny, that I am piss off, that people are hypocrites, that my hubby is not home, that I just finish taking a shower.

If I had the time or the patience to tally the status updates I read I will venture to say that most of them are about complaining so maybe is a way to vent and let the whole world know how we are feeling in a particular minute or second or microsecond of our lives. I guess is one of those things that is hard to draw the fine line when is too much. Just take me for an example I am putting everything that my neurons are processing right now in the cyber world for millions to see (okey mami maybe not millions maybe thousands)

Okey back to my family

So today las nenas went to see Elmo. The show came to our town and Samia and Gamila enjoyed the show to the fullest. I actually enjoyed it myself is nice how they teach the children about being green, planting plants, saving water. I was trying to think of when I was growing and the cartoons I will watch and seriously I don't think Heidi ever talked about planting trees or saving water.

This cartoon was one of my favorites especially the song Abuelito dime tu....not sure if they played it here in the USA in the 80's but it was surely a hit when I was growing up.
There more cartoons nena that mami like to watch but that would be another post.
So going back to Elmo, big bird and the crew...Samia you love it you were dancing and even cry when they left because they did not come and gave you a kiss goodbye.
Gamila you and Samantha actually enjoyed it more than I could had imagine, everyday this kids amaze me more and more
The rest of the week we being home baba is being taking the car to commute back and forth so we are home bounded. Samia and GAmila play much more together but that also means more fights and episodes of drama in Samia's side and hitting on Milo's side.
Milo you need a post of you own, you are more complex than Samia was at this age you get very upset and throw yourself in the floor you actually felt so bad on Tuesday that we had to call the nurse line, the other day you almost jump off the dinning table, you also tend to hit Samia very hard and pull her hair. I am not sure how to handle this situations so I am waiting for Abuela to came and give an input. I know is just a phase and Inshallah it would go by soon and very fast.

Nenas guido and zetu are coming back from Medina and Mecca...baba and I are very happy Zetu sounds much better. Allhamdulliallah!!!

We are hoping they come and stay with us a couple of months after May I would had really wanted for them to come before May so Zetu would not be in Egypt this next couple of weeks, but I guess things would fall into place. Inshallah.

Tomorrow Abuela is arriving I am so excited and also we would start looking for a new house so I guess it would be a busy weekend.


Anonymous said...

Have a great visit with your mom!

Mama Kalila said...

I would like to say that I don't complain on my status messages (facebook only) but I do sometimes lol. But I try to put funny things that have happened (w/ the baby for instance) or just random other things that are important to me at the moment. There are things I will not put of course... but it is my place to throw out a line of "me". And I have seen some great discussions come off of those things.

Kalila loves Elmo - sounds like that was a blast!

Counselormama said...

Busy days for you! I also am on facebook and I only put positive or something funny. I think, "what would I want to read about someone?" before I post on FB.

scarletadyant said...

yes, I thought about facebook,too. I didn't interest before cause it seems some peoples want to be cared but they take less care of another. (may be it just my assumption). Finally, I tried join to...In fact, when I came, they went with another. When I need to talk, they talk to another. they change their status everyday...they move on and I almost can't follow. I have no more chance. There so many activities can't do by cyberworld within. so use it quite a while I need to...

Anonymous said...

I put on FB whatever comes to mind! Depending on how I feel! I hope you guys have lots of fun with abuelita!!

on the edge said...

Beautiful babies !!! Must be a great mommy ! Love your blog ! Stop by and visit me more often and I will keep a eye out on yours too . OTE

Mrs. D Lightful said...

Sounds like fun...a visitor for the week! Your little girls are so cute. I'm sure you get that all the time!