Saturday, March 7, 2009

A little of everything

The last couple of days we have done a little bit of everything for starters we finally got Gamila's crade cap under control after the cortisone for her eczema her hair scalp got all dry baba stayed home with her and went I came back his like we are going to tackle this problem...So olive oil came to the rescue and Wallah Milo you don't have dry scalp anymore..actually you looked cute with all of that oil in you head
Samia tomorrow Allhomdulliallah you will be 3 is so nice to see how you are developing your own personality and habits...for instance to go to sleep you need a cup with juice and two cookies now you know that cookies are sweet and crackers are salty and for bed time you like the salty.  Samia the best part is that you don't even touch them they stay there the whole night.  Not only you have the habit of having them next to your bed but you need them in a certain way shoofick (look)
Samia and I continue with you this time I have you with a wow wow wubzzy in one hand an a pair of scissors in the other with hair falling off your head or I should rephrase it with the hair cut you try to give less than 1 minute 
After we had our little talk about having your hair cut at the salon we went to the park...long to explain what goes on at the park so how about 
Nenas I have to be sincere I always day dream about a few things doing with you guys one is watching girly movies and crying our hearts out...another one is playing dress up Thank God I had that dream come true..Gracias papito Dios por mis nenas y disfrutarlas.  Here we are being silly while mami did some spring cleaning..and yes Samia had me wearing that Cowboy hat.


Mona said...

Happy Birthday to Samia! Great pictures as always. My mom used to put oil in our hair for a deep conditioner.

wenbren explains it all said...

Two Cute!!I find that when it gets really quiet the kids are off to doing something they shouldn't be doing,,like cutting their hair with the scissors! It happened to me too!

One Anxious Mommy said...

So cute!