Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sounds of the world in decades

Today was a fun day got to stay home with the family and relax baba and mami started working in an Indian dish, Inshallah tomorrow it would be ready and tasty so I can share the recipe.

Today we went to a cupcake party the girls had lots of fun and mami got to see some of her friends and relived her younger days remembering tunes to our old music with a couple of friends.

Nenas most likely when you read this and listen to mami's music you would be like "Wow mami that music is bad old" Trust me nenas that is what I used to tell abuelo and abuela, the best part is that my Ipod now has that music and I enjoy listening to it. Not sure why maybe the tunes, the real singers from their era's or all of the memories it brings back. Here is something abuelo and abuela loved

Years before most of the songs were stories now days a song has only 4 lines of lyrics to a song that is 4 minutes long -- hummm I wonder!

Mami learn to dance with a friend of hers Manila and the song was the following

After that mami hit the rap and American tunes and I would not be caught dead dancing Spanish music this craze lasted maybe 2 years. After this mami went back to her Spanish music either merengue, salsa, cumbia and she was in love with ROCK EN ESPANOL -- and I have to admit I am still a die hard of rock en espanol.
Juanes, Enanitos verdes, Estopa, Fito Paez, Caifanes, Mana and the list goes and goes on:

this one is for Bonnie and Jazmin

After moving to NY mami went international it all started going to a place in NY called SOB's I think it stands for Sounds of Brazil however they have a night I think is Monday they have something called Bagranh Indian music is the best and this is how I got hook in international sounds

After that I got into greek, arabic, turkish here is a few of them.

And pretty much now I do a little bit of everything, nenas when we get into the car is like a discotheque in wheels I just love music and dance to it...hopefully you guys love to dance, baba is not much of a dancer so he says -- I guess I will have to show you guys some pics to prove him wrong!!!!

Wow I love this technology in less than 30 minutes I was able to compile music from over 5 decades.


Yaya said...

Oh yeah, gotta love technology!

A cupcake party, that sounds so fun!

Jazmin said...

I hope you can make it tomorrow I am ready to dance even if that means my baby will be born before!
kiss, kiss

Khadra said...

Ive always loved Arabic music.