Friday, February 27, 2009

Multi mix friday!I

So I watch Slumdog millionaire a couple of days ago and since that day I have watch it 3 times and the soundtrack I will not even go there I wake up to it and go to sleep with it. So today I was thinking there are certain things I don't understand like:

Why do we get hook in things?

Why do I go to the supermarket and sometimes the bill is 50 dollars and then I go again and for the same things or in my mind it seems like the same stuff I pay 100. I get the feeling that there are times I get more for my money.

Why my almost 3 year old is fixated with her poop, she has to look at it and the other day she even went as far as to naming them WHY?

Why my 1 year old beats up her sister?

Why is it so hard to say NO to our loved ones?

Why some people gives us an eerie feeling?

Why some other people we just fall in love with them?

Why do we walk next to people we know and we don't even say a lousy "Hi"?

Why do we use people?

Why do people drive like maniacs even though you can see the traffic to a full stop ahead?

Why do people brag so much about what they have?

Enough of my unknowns to a better note...

I finally decided to do a birthday party for Samiuta she helped me come up with the invitation and since we are in the world of technology why not make good use of it -- instead of wasting paper trying to be green here and save in some mula not using the postal service so we did Evite Great service they have. Her invitation looks like this

However Samia decided that her party had to be Wow Wow Wubbzy what a pain to find things with the theme but I will pull it through. I usually like to make their cakes so I will come up with an idea Inshallah!

Today we went to get her some gifts and it was a little stressful half of the stuff I like baba does not like or we are afraid Gamila is going to eat it, is funny how is so hard to buy gifts when you have a younger child and you are afraid she is going to choke with one of those tiny tiny pieces.

Another cocktail change of subject -
So my Samia loves flowers today I bought her a little plant and I told her every day she has to remind mami to water the plant.

The plant had being in the house for 4 hours and I think I got reminded every single hour. She climbs and grabs her and talks to her, she just love her plant and the flowers..I will try to keep on taking pictures of it so we can see how the plan grows.

Samia this is your first plant that has flores, flowers or wardas like you call them:

And here are my two characters before leaving the house today
I look at them and they have more style than mami specially the way they carry those glasses!!!

Another cocktail -

Samia today was the first time I ever left you alone with our friend Bonnie, I know maybe am an overprotective mom but I just can not help myself!

Final shot of the day --

Good news with my dolls my first 2 orders would be mail on Monday, also made contact with a
missionary organization in Brazil, and another in Guatemala so is getting bigger we will have many many more happy little girls soon!!!! And to all of those that volunteer, I might be contacting you soon!!!


Stylomom said...

Great ideas you have Mistika.. and great looking kids too... So happy for you deary.

Lizzie Fish said...

I love that last picture! Such little fashionistas! =)

Anonymous said...

Yeah looking good!!All they gotta learn now is work the runway!!Hey maybe they already do! Yeah why do we get a strange feeling with some people? It's our gut telling us something's not right, our gut feeling gotta listen to it!

Mona said...

Yea the pic of Samira with her bag and skirt and shades is sooo cute! I love the invite too..The human mind is so complex!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! I LOVE her perpetual sassy attitude portrayed in all your pictures! So cute!

And I loved your random questions. I often think this one:
"Why do we walk next to people we know and we don't even say a lousy "Hi"?"

Great pic collage.

Counselormama said...

I am going to have to think about those questions! People are strange creatures :)