Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lucky or unlucky!

How many times do we tell ourselves how lucky or unlucky we are?

I have to confess sometimes I will hear stories and I will say Wow she is lucky or he is lucky! or how I will say it in my Colombian slang QUE LECHE QUE TIENE LA VIEJA O EL VIEJO! (Nenas not a very nice phrase to say, maybe by the time you guys read this I will have learn to use another phrase Inshallah)

Really we all are lucky I remember once reading an article where the author explains how the mentality of a lucky person works.

LUCKY people look at the big picture allowing themselves to be exposed to more opportunities, they do things outside of their routine lives allowing themselves to enjoy new experiences. I think in the discovery of new things, new people an individual gets the feeling of how lucky they are.

The UNLUCKY in the other hand stays within himself only focusing on what he or she is looking for, not taking time to look around and seeing all the lucky things that are happening around them.

Nenas always be open to what your eyes see. Be inquisitive!

Las amo


Chahira Daoud said...

I loved your blog, it is awesome , I enjoyed your lovely family stories , so we are relatives!! I am an egyptian mom, I read what your husband wrote about his memories in the new year eve, throwing glasses from the balconi!!
is just a habit of peopple from Alexandria"where i live"
You encouraged me to start blogging about my family.
May Allah bless you and your wonderful family,Allahom amin.
Take care , dear!

Chahira Daoud said...

By the way!!!!!
Enty zai el assal!!!

Anonymous said...

Salam! En Argentina cuando se dice dice..."que leche tiene tal" significa que esta exitado sexualmente, jajaja nunca se los digas unn argento!.