Friday, January 2, 2009

Flying Butterfly Ariel, Dora and Samia

So the last couple of days, Samia always wants to fly like a butterfly putting the towel around her neck, so I decided to make her a cape and I figure a double sided would be perfect.
She loved it I actually had to hide it because Gamila wants to use it so they were fighting all the time.
The funniest things is that one minute she wants the Dora side and the next minute she wants Ariel. I will also make one for Gamila soon, but I think she would tangle herself since she takes 2 steps and then crawls. At this point she is very undecided.
Samia on another note your favorite thing these days is
"Mami your hair is beautiful" every time you say something like this it just melts my heart, is amazing how this little person has such an impact in me. Motherhood can not be described I have came to understand there are just no words that can explain everything that goes thru a mom's heart or mind.


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Hola! Gracias por visitar mi blog. Tienes unas hijas preciosas, te visitaré a menudo. Un abrazo.