Wednesday, January 21, 2009

25 hours days ?????

So here it goes another busy day at home...a little bit of everything, al fin al cabo asi es la vida....In Colombia we eat a famous fruit cocktail call Salpicon a mixture of fruits, sometimes that is how I feel mi casa is. Today we woke up very very early and right away the fun started.

I had done Samia a skirt a few days back and I had to find a matching with two girls I find it much easier to have a matching shirt for the pants or funny I was never like this but now I like to have sets. But like always nenas life changes allot when you become a mami. I got this nice pattern for a smocket it was very easy to do and I played a little bit with the fabric combination. I find myself enjoying mix and matching the fabric..(Although I have to be honest baba gives me a hand, is a family affair the sewing). My model was not too happy this morning when I ask her to try it on, although she does not want to take the skirt off, I have already wash it 2 times since I made it a couple of days back.

And the day goes and goes and then cames acko time like we say at home acko being time to eat or start making today I made mashy I got a little sentimental making it since Amira teach me how to make them and we would always joke that I make them big and she made them small, today I made them small although it took me a while to fold them like she used to fold them. Nenas titi Mio was good at making them!

Grape Leaves

Chop the mint, dill, parsley, onion and tomatoes. Take the stems of the parsley the dill and the mint and put them on the side.

I took 2 cups of rice and wash them well.

After washing them mix all the vegetables with the rice and add salt and pepper.

I wash the leaves to take some of the salt away

Then stuff them.

Put the stems of the dill, mint and parsley in the bottom of the pot.

As you fill the pot halfway put some butter

After the pot is full throw a little bit more of butter and two big leaves just to cover it.

Put it on the fire on medium low and cover it takes about 1.5 hours.

Samia today you made your first mashi...felicitaciones muneca...mirate princesa oh and Samia nothing happen to your forehead everyday you wake up with a different wawa so you can wear your dora wawa...eres una mimada culicagada..pero asi y todo te amo.
I love the yogurt sauce with my mashi so I made some I know las nenas enjoy the yogurt we are addicted to yogurt at home or like Samia calls is Zebedi (and for my Egyptian readers I know my Arabic spelling is not the best but I try malish)

Plain yogurt

Peel the cucumber and shredded it, add plain yogurt lemon a little bit of vinegar and salt and pepper.
After cooking las nenas were ready to eat it was so nice seeing them eat they were silly girl
Milo for some reason you are having a hard time chewing you think any kind of food has to be stuff down your throat here you are eating 1/4 of a banana in one shot.
So by this time I wonder wow! there still time left on the we surely did allot so then came shower time...oh Gamila baba has a very hard time with your hair..he wants straight hair so today he ask me if we could blow dry your hair I try but no luck you will not stay still, so after the shower I had studio time I love doing this as all of you already know.

Today I was just trying to focus in the face nenas hopefully you guys enjoy all of these pictures I love looking at my baby pictures and if you guys don't enjoy it them I will surely love looking at my little princess when I am old.


Mona said...

Mistika, you're daughters are so gorgeous and that outfit...omg so cute! I love mashi and yogurt sauce too.

Anonymous said...

oh I love that outfit, can I have one?? We miss you guys. Hope you are having a fun week with your hubby!!


Anonymous said...

I love those clothes!!! Nuria would love it! I want to get a sewing machine to learn how to make her clothes. so far no luck!

Khadra said...

I love the dress. And I love that your husband helps you!

The pictures are great!

and I LOVE stuffed grape leaves. YUM!

Yaya said...

Oh my gosh, this blog is so stinkin' cute!!!!

mistika said...

Mona - thanks so much and I need more recipes I did the sandwich with tomatoes the other day and the girls love it.

Jenny - we miss you too.

Elena - Que picardia que vives tan lejos si no Nuria fuera mi modelo ya entre a Sobia gracias.

Khadra - thanks habibi I love my bracelet

Yaya - thanks... I love reading yours as well.

Lisa said...

Her outfit is so cute Mistika! Love it. You are really great at sewing!

Stacey said...

I really love the outfit - especially the top! Are you gonna start selling your stuff too?

mistika said...

Stacey - No No I can make something for Charlotte no charge is to keep myself busy mainly!