Sunday, December 28, 2008

Persistence of Time and Destiny

So Baba finally got a weekend off to rest supposedly, although I have to admit he has not stop I think we have visited every single World Market store in the state of Louisiana looking for items for the new house. So far we have being able to build a living room part of our room, so as you can imagine my 2 bedroom apartment has turn into a labyrinth of furniture pieces.

Gamila finally is feeling better is 4 in the morning and I am awake and she is not so that means she is feeling better for the last couple of nights I will get a mami call from 4 AM to about 7 AM but today has being the day of Change. Gracias a Dios!!!!

Poor Samia she loves her Cocina and wants to be baking or like she says "I WANT TO BAKE MYSELF" but since we being outside from early morning to early evening and then is night night time right away she does not get to cook. If I knew this was going to keep her so happy I would had bought it way way before, I even notice Gamila loves going in the Cocina as well. One thing I have to say I love to see how you guys played together or make each other cry.

I can not believe there are only 4 days left this year, nenas exactly one year ago we had a 6 week old baby and a one year and half girl, a family without a knowledge that there was going to be a tremendous loss in the family, talks in the air of baba seeing his family the following year, the uncertainty of where we were moving to. Little by little destiny unfold in front of our eyes bringing us things we had never thought about or dream of. Nenas always remember we might make many tentative plans but God has the last saying, he shows us the way. We also have our own time but God decides in the timing of events. BELIEVE!!!!!!!

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