Monday, December 29, 2008

My Picasso and Dog lover

Today my Picasso Samia did one of her master pieces like a good painter not only she paints the paper but her mouth not sure how she ends up with so much paint around her face.

Then I see her in the bathroom cleaning her face and I saw how she cleans her face and it reminded me right away how Guido teach her to clean her face back in Egypt. While reviewing the picture I also notice how my mirror is not sparkling clean like I used to keep them. I guess I should confess I am a cleaning manic although I have tone down after the second child. The mirror in the bathroom is like this thanks to Samia and her famous bar stool.

Gamila you on the other hand have become a great model every time you see mami with the camera you change your.

Samia not only are you a painter but also a dog lover that you got from baba. I love animals but not close to the love baba has for animals. Samia is in paradise with the 2 other dogs we are babysitting here she is posing with them...thanks to the Egyptian dog whispers they can stay in the lay or sit position.


Mona said...

AW! What's your dog's name?

mistika said...

Siwa, like the oasis in Egypt, Baba pick it out.

Khadra said...

your kids are too cute!