Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas & Eid

The other day as I was doing the Christmas tree I though it was so funny here is a Christmas tree which in real it is not connected with Christmas the birth of Jesus. The christmas tree custom was acquired thru the centuries actually there are many legends as of when the tree started to be a part of the Christmas celebration. But here is my story so here I have the tree in my house and next to it there is a Muslim Scripture. This teaches us that we can all live happy in this big big world, and most likely in front of these tree I am going to take pictures of my girls to celebrate Eid on Monday.

Yes I will Celebrate Eid as well that day I can not slaughter a lamb, so I will cook fatah with beef. For those that are not familiar with Eid is a Muslim holiday where a lamb is slaughter and the meat is donated to the poor or those in need if we really look at it is like a Thanksgiving the Muslim way.


Living Away said...


i do agree with you! we all can live happy respecting and accepting everybody just the way they are.

happy eid al-adha!
merry christmas!

thanks for visiting my blog!

warm hugs,

JASMINA said...

Hi there :)!

Strange,I've been thinking lately that I should write about how in Slovenia peple make Christmas trees for the New Yaer's Eve and not for the Christmas in it's self.I do the same.
I like your way of thinking.I'm sure that picture for Eid in front of the decorated tree was very nice.

Bye for now and have a good time!

Khadra said...

we all SHOULD be able to get along and co exist. I love that you do both in your house :)