Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote & Votar & Entakhabat --- Samia's political Dialog!

So today is the big day in the USA, history is in the making. A few facts I can not understand why make elections on a Tuesday. In every South American country is on Sundays, I will assume it would be so much easier for people to vote, well that is my opinion. Another thing I can not understand even though I have done extended reading about is why electoral votes, it should be the people...how can somebody win the popular vote and not win...well I should not break my head trying to figure out things that I can not change...Samia and Gamila maybe one day you can help mami and baba understand that concept.

I remember being in Colombia and going with Abuelo to vote on a Sunday it was like a family outgoing. Samia this morning when I was dressing you up I was telling you how important it is to vote...I was telling you that is so easy for you to go and vote when you reach the voting age..it was mami's first time to vote. For mami to become a citizen was not easy...starting by the long long long lines at the immigration center. Having to wait outside in many immigration centers New York, North Carolina, South Carolina...hard to believe that in a such a big country my citizenship application got lost and I had to pay the outrageous fees twice. Why outrages fees, because the workers in this centers see us like some kind of bugs so I think maybe they don't enough and they just don't feel like doing the job. I will never forget in North Carolina old people with walkers having to wait in a line outside for hours not even allow them to go inside and wait in the lobby.

Something that always hunts me is that when I went for my interview and test for my citizenship I was treated like a second class citizen...a few months later when I was finally called to swore in, the same woman that did my test and treated me so bad was so nice to me, I guess that I was an American Citizen then, so I should be treated nicer.

Baba's immigration story is long and as well full of flaws just to mention some never receiving our change of address, closing case, etc, etc, etc....Nenas I am so glad you guys are not going to have to go through this hardships...people take for granted what an advantage is to be a USA citizen, this country is so great that people are willing to risk their to come.

Knowledge of a 2.5 year old about politics. Today when we were coming back home this was Mami's and Samia's dialog:
Mami: When we get home Gamila is going to take a nap, you and me are going to eat, then you are going to take a nap and mami is going to lay in bed and watch some TV.

Samia: Mami you watch Obama McCain

I could not stop laughing

Samia: Mami not funny is silly.
So today we went to the park for some fun with some friends and like always a park is a great place to take some pictures of the little ones and yes mami goes boberta (no english translation) taking photos.


Milo and Samiuta baba loves to carry the two of you and be like a trampoline poor baba!!!!

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