Thursday, October 9, 2008

What I miss from Egypt, Miscellaneous!!!

So time flies is already like 3 days I have being back, it is nice being home but I miss Guido, Zetu and Zussu and I Know the girls do as well, Samia is always asking fein Guido, and Gamila wants to be carry, I guess she is looking for Zetu's arms.

I miss being calling mistika is so funny but in Egypt if somebody came and ask where is Anamaria nobody would know that is me.

I miss cooking so yesterday I made my famous chicken con crema de leche. Girls here is the recipe Samia you love to eat this, and GAmila you are not much of an eater but ate some spoons, GAmila it worries me you don't like to eat that much, I guess I was used to seeing how Samia eats. Oh Nenas I should mention my recipes are to feed the 4 of us.

Chicken con Crema de Leche
  • 1.5 Chicken breast no skin and no bones you boil it with some black pepper and salt
  • Mushroom the small ones clean them up, I learn from a friend of mine to put them under water and with a paper towel scarp off the top.
  • After having the mushroom clean cut them in little pieces.
  • On the side on another pot put olive oil maybe 2 spoons and when it gets warm add the mushroom some salt and pepper and let to cook.
  • When the chicken is done (desmenusalo) don't know the word in english, and put it inside the pot with the mushrooms.
  • Add maybe 1/2 of cup of the chicken broth from where you boil the chicken.
  • Open the crema de leche is the nestle brand and mix it with the chicken the mushroom and the chicken broth add some black pepper and salt if it need it.
  • Let it cook in medium low cover for maybe 10 minutes and then turn off.
  • Cook the spaghetti's on the side and whenever they are done is ready to serve.

Today we stayed home pretty much the girls are getting back to a routine, Gamila and Samia ate chipsis like Samia calls them now which is chips, and is funny seeing Samia feed Gamila although I have to scream Samia give her the big one not the left over from the one you have being eating.

Guido calls us once a day just to hear the girls, and we call him in the morning, I know is a bit expensive but girls this makes Guido and Zetu so happy is worth it. I can not wait for Haj and then for them to come, I know baba would be less worry if he can have them here for a while, and I know it would not be easy but we will be helping them, I know time would help them with their sorrow.

On another note Halloween is coming, so I want to start making the girls customs, there are certain things I want to always do sort of a tradition, for instance as of now I have never bought a cake for Baba's birthday mami always bakes his cakes. Samia had a bought cake for her first birthday but for her second one mami made it and I will keep on making them Inshallah. Gamila you are not going to have a big party like we did for Samia I will make you your cake this time, and hopefully when we meet in late November for tio Cesar's weeding we will make a little party for you with your abuelos and tios.

I have decided to dress the two of you as flowers you guys would be Elashry's Garden this Halloween I am currently working on it. Would elaborate the details later on.

Samia you have become so talkative here are a few of your chats:

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