Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Souk, bargaing, old Alexandria, Samia's Arabic

So the last days I being a bit away, not much going on, lately we have being going to the souk meaning market almost everyday buying gifts for the ones back home..
Yehia and I also decided to start buying a few items for our new house that Inshallah we will get sometime in early 2009.  Zaneet el setat this is the little very little streets you find in this markets that have no way out, and you only know if you know this area like the palm of the hand.  Zetu grew up in old Alexandria so she knows every single street and wow can she be good at last week we went to green plaza and we saw this chandeliers that I fell in love with but extremely expensive so we come back home and told them and Zetu is like don't worry I will take you to a street full of them and surely enough she did....funny yehia found a small shop that many years ago he went to do some work when he was in college sculpturing...he talked to the man Mohamed (yes I know there are like 1 million Mohamed's in Egypt) and he is making them for us.. I have to go to green plaza againg and since I am a foreing they treat you so nice so I had to tell the man I wanted to take pictures so I could show them to my husband to see wich one we were going to buy I feel bad I lied to the man, but I had not choice I want my chandeliers....I am so excited we are getting them.
The other day we went to souk againg and we bought some fabric to make tablecloths and some other beautiful items made out of mother of pearl and of course how can you be in Egypt and not buy jewelry so I got for myself a few stones and have them fix to use as pendants and a very old coin from the time of King Foud I always wanted a coin to wear as a charm..I remember being about 10 years old and my mom's friend Beatriz Velez a very stylish lady wored this beautiful coin and I would always say when I am a grown up woman I want a coin just like her...well finally after 24 years almost I will be able to wear it.
I talk to mami today, it makes me so happy to listen to her, I also talked to my brother Cesar, and read a very nice comment by Tia Monica, is sad that the tio's and the tia's for my girls live far away from them I know how much they would enjoy them.
How are things here in Egypt well is Ramadan fasting the whole day but the truth Yehia is not capable of doing it....the streets are a bit empty since most of the people wake super late, the weather has cool off a little bit wich helps alot...the whole day you hear fireworks, prayers calls etc.
Zetu still very sad, we are worry for her we don't see her coming out of it, Inshallah she gets strenght and is able to overcome this loose.
Guido tries to be strong for her but his agony is too much, however with the girls he is wonderful, I have not words to express.
Girls always remember that Guido loves you guys too too much, he takes cares of you, dresses, baths you, feeds you, he is always making sure they are okey, today he stayed with you guys like 4 hours alone and when we got back those kids looked like they had stayed with mami...this man is made out of gold....
Suzzu no words plays with them reads to SAmia to Gamila feeds them eventhough she has a difficulty walking because of her leg she is wonderful. I am so happy my girls got to meet their great grandmother and she got to hold them.
Samia is very hyper never seeing Samia like this not sure what it is but know I know what my good friend Stacy and Bonnie go thru with their rascals.
She is talking nonstop a mixture of arabic, spanish and english and now she has started to translate between languages amazing I love everysingle moment of it....she sings in spanish english and arabic...oh and loves to be in the street saying hi to everybody.

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