Monday, September 1, 2008

San Stefano, Ramadan, Worry abt back home!

So the last couple of days have being okey the night have gotten a bit colder which helps since the days are so so hot. I think I have never taken so many showers in my life in a day, the part I hate the most is when we are having dinner and the heat, it just makes you not want to it.
The girls are doing okey, Samia I think from being in a such a small apartment is super active when we go out and she has to be chased.

Gamila is doing better I have kind of prohibit them from carrying her so much, because she is becoming to spoil and is sad to say but I can not handle her when she is so spoiled.

Yesterday morning we went to Yehia's university to pick up a certificate, he was so happy showing us all the places he used to do sculptures, he even introduced Samia and me to some of his old professors..
After that we went again to Green Plaza to show Guido a chandelier we want to bring back with us, to set up in our new house Inshallah!!! Samia went wild in Green plaza it was around 11 o'clock and the place was empty nothing compare to the other night, and funny but most of the shops were closed here things don't open till about 12 o'clock and closed about 2 or 3 in the morning....insane but cool at the same time. Ramadan started today so there are lights all over the place is a very festive time, Guido bought a fanauz for Samia and she broke it in one minute, I was out when she did that or else I would had gotten so upset at her, I did not find out till earlier this morning when I went downstairs. Then we came home and took a nap and at night the girls, Yehia and I went out to a new mall called San Stefano (this was being build when I was here last time) the mall is nice, but like Yehia and I commented is hard to be amazed an anything specially when we come from the USA that has such a beautiful malls. Samia once again was like a crazy girl all over the place running talking to people, I think that since the apartments are so small and really no place to run or she does not see her friends whenever she finds place to run, she goes insane. I feel bad for her, but I know she is acting up, because there are so many changes...


Stacy said...

Samia, running wild....that is so funny!

Monica Clavijo said...

I would just like to share with you that I am addicted to two web sites ( and ;)