Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reading Update 2

I know had mention before I will keep updating what I am reading as of now, and specially in Egypt what I have is time to read so here it goes.

Just finish Playing for pizza by JOhn Grisham not that impress, I usually like to read his smaller books when he writes different stuff from his law books.

Currently reading Amando a Pablo, great book by one of the lovers of Pablo Escobar.

Currently reading La AVentura de Miguel Littin by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, why I am I reading two books well I keep one upstairs and one downstairs.

I also bought a few books here by arabic writters that I can not find on the states, Yehia bought them in arabic and me in english this way we can talk about them.

Samia's literature we got her a few arabic books mainly Disney stories so she can relate to them, we did buy her some DVD's as well in arabic but stories she has in English or spanish so she can relate to all of them.
Well that is all for now as far as my reading material!!!

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