Thursday, August 7, 2008

Worry for a small heart

Today I took the girls to the Dr. Gamila for her 9 month old check up however that heart murmur came up againg, so now I am having to take her to a Cardiologist.  I am so worry but I have a feeling that is nothing major just an innocent murmur.  Gamila when you were born the Dr.'s heard the murmur then on your 3rd month appointment nothing was heard, then on your 6th month nothing was heard but today for your 9th it showed up againg.  The Dr. thinks is just an innocent murmur since your pulse is good, but she just wants to get it check out and I wanted it to be check out before we go to Egypt I don't want to have that worry for the next 2 months.  I hope this next couple of days go fast so I can take you to the Dr. soon and be in amazing the anguish I feel eventhough I have a strong feeling that is minor...but cannot help from worrying.

However my girls you were so brave at the Dr. today Gamila you had your finger pinch for the hemoglobin, they pinch your finger then they squezee it to get some blood and you did not even are my strong baby.  Samia you had your Hepatitis A vacciantion and you did not even cry neither wow girls you are some strong girls.

Away from this the day was a calm we stayed home I finally got baba to write for you guys, he was a bit reluctant but after he sat down I think he did pretty good.  You guys are the light of his eyes, everything he does is for you guys I just wish the day you guys decided to get marry you can marry someone like baba there are no words to describe his courage, dedication, persistence, and most importan of all his respect and love for the family.

Samia today you took your tunnel for some reason you call it Jumping Jive and wanted for Gamila to go inside but she was just cracking up watching you at the end of the tunnel.  Don't worry Samia eventually Gamila would go inside and you will be screaming for me to take her out. I remember when I was a litle girl and Tio Mau would get into my stuff or not leave me alone and I will start screaming for Abuela so she could tell him to get out...and when I did not get any response I will take matter upon my own hands and that meat grabbing him by the hair and telling him LET'S GO FOR A RIDE!!! (hopefully the baldness he suffers from nowdays is not because of me, but because of stress and age)

With tio Cesar the games were different he was older than us so he would use us as his toy either making us sit for hours playing like we were the people at the church and he was the priest or he was the teacher and we were the students.  Hay TetaAguto like mami would call him because she could not could say Cesar Augusto...but believe me girls he was no angel I will tell you later on the many things he did to poor mami when she was born. Hay Cesar estas en problemas con las nenas cuando se enteren de tus maldadas.

Samia you decided to help mami fold clothes too you were lots and lots to help, you just help me piled up the clothes but I love the fact that you try helping me I love you my little helper!!!

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