Thursday, August 7, 2008

3alam Ye7ia!!

I realy do not know how to start this!! Mistka your Mom is telling me to write something and I wanted to but there is to many things going on around me now that I do not know what to write about???!!

let me tell you guys about Mistka you Mom she has been the closest person to me since I met her you can say a friend a wife and a great person to take advice from even at my job they call her the DTL(District team leader) cause she know as much about my job as much as I know and that is how much she is involved in my life, It does not only stops at the house and Samia and Gamila it is 1319,1090,397,397,2027,2089 and I think it will be more till the day I stop working.

Samia enti shabah 3ametk Amira bzabt and you are the sweetest girl I have ever been around you made me see life in a new way after me and Mistka had you, It was so hard to have you we worked hard to do so.. but when you came to this world and I held you in my hands every little tough moment we had went away and by the way you Guido was in the hospital in Augusta, GA and he got to carry you first hand and since then that is the only person he asks about when we talk over the phone. there is too much to say about you but I will share with you when I write again.

Gamila enti ba3ety sa7bety and ma3aia 3ala tool and you made me give away the feeling of having a boy!!!! You are so brave with no fear and I do not know what color of eyes you have till today but they are so pretty. Milo eneti bet7by el akl and I enjoy seeing you eating it just makes me happy, may be cause you were born in Baton rouge, LA and that is why cause food is everybody' focus in this town!! Guido and Seto will get to see you and you sister very soon.

Siwa My yellow Lab that is going to be trained very soon this way when we come back she can do alot of things with the family, You are good but the reason we got is we lost morena my first black lab and we lost her Samia you got to meet her but Milo you did not have the chance to but we have alot of Soras of her ma3 Samia.

Mistka 3amala tes2alni 3ala el sowar we eza kont 7a7ot Swar wala la2a ana mesh 3aref... ana bas katbt enharda 3ashan I felt like it.. there is lots of things that I am going to share with you guys when I write again like Talking about MY MIROOO and Guido,Seto and ZUZU and ton of things
Just remember something you can not forget where your Baba and my Mistka came from and how close are they to there Gzour and family Masr we Colombia... something to always have with you in your journey of life.

Baba Ye7ia

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