Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jet lag, HOT, Samia, Gamila, Guido, Zetu, MIO, baba etc etc etc

So we finally made it what a long and tedious flight....not sure why I got an extra seat for Samia ups not my choice it was the airline she wanted to be held the hold flight and for those that have carry Samia you guys know she is not feather weight!!!
Gamila cried cried cried and cried, following Samia when she cried thank God the plane was not full to capacity, but still everybody wanted to sleep except the two crying kids on isle 21. Finally made it to see Guido, Zetu and Ahmed (Yehia's uncle) to explain what we felt when we saw them is not just so hard to see that Mio was not waiting for us, knowing that was one of her biggest desired.
Right now I am sitting in her chair using her computer but I know in a way she is happy we are here and giving them a sense of peace.
After we arrived we rode to Alexandria, the drive was not bad I tried to sleep a little bit since I had not slept for over 36 hours I think, like we expected Samia and Guido are buddies, and Gamila and Zetu are together all the time.
Suzzu was so happy to see her great grandchildren....
HOw are the girls doing:
Samia is a bit scared of so many people around her she acts very well when she is upstairs but once we are downstairs she just wants to be with me. She has being napping alot I think the hour difference and the heat have gotten to her. She just wants to be outside or looking out of the window at the hassans(horse).
The first day meaning Friday we stayed home ate, gave baths to the girls in this Zetu has taken full charge of baths.
Saturday we finally came upstairs and it was difficult being here this used to be were Mio would always be, so this house is so empty with out her...all of her stuff.
The girls have being downstairs most of the time only for sleeping Samia came to sleep with us on Saturday night. However on Saturday Samia went out with Guido to the park and to see the crowed streets she loved it being outside did not even want to come back he had to force her.
Later on Saturday some friends of the family came over, of course GAmila went straight to Eda (can not pronunce her name) and Sami to tanta Camellia...Eda was nice enough and asked if the girls and I wanted to go to the Egypt life starts at 10:30 PM not like in Baton Rouge playdates at 10:00 AM so here I am with a friend of a family that speaks no english and me no arabic in a car going to the club...I was amaze to see so many kids and people on the street at this time.
Samia had fun she run, she rode some chidren things, and of course she ate McDonald's. Gamila was having fun as well laughing eating ice cream it was nice getting out of the house....and I know Samia loves being outside.
I come back at around midnight yes I can not believe my girls are running the streets at midnight well what can I say we are in Egypt.....
After coming back they were all laughing at me asking me how Eda and me communicate so I say don't ask me we just do..
I have taken many pictures but I left the camera downstairs I will post pictures later on today..
Today I am going to buy a playpin since Gamila is always sleeping in a bed but she is startign to stand up I am so afraid she is going to fall, oh by the time we leave I think Gamila is goign to be walking,.
On another note Samia does not wear pull ups to sleep anywhere, the whole flight she did great not even one accident.
Mami esto es para ti me haces mucha falta y se que yo a ti pero tu sabes que es mi obligacion estar aca las nenas te extranan.
Girls and this is for you when you grow up, is not easy being here and getting acustom to the lifestlye, but this is where baba came from and for that reason it has to be respected and admire...Guido, Zetu and Zuzzu are here and is our duty to came and visit all the time so when you guyg grow up and INshallah they are still arund you have to come and keep them company when is possible.
I can not forget MOna(Yehia's aunt) she is inlove with you girls, Gamila sees her and stays quite since she is very loud is hard to explain but she is a character herself.
Tonight we have more people coming over, here in Egypt is the way things are people are coming over the house everyday...but I think this is good specially for Zetu this days.
I will updated later on!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you guys arrived safely!! I've been thinking about you, and praying for your safe travels. I can't to see the pictures and hear more about your adventures. Addison and I want to go to the club too!!


KKGhoffman said...

Oh I hope they sleep on your flight home. Have Fun... I love reading your updates!!