Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Club daily life in Egypt!

Yesterday once againg Eda and I finally learn her name the right way  Emad came to pick us up suppodsly at 7:30 PM more like 9:00 PM I guess is egyptian time.  We had so much fun she is wonderful and her two children are the sweetest thing...MOhamed and Youssef (and most likely I am misspelling their names).
They are this two boys that if my daughters were older would love to have them as son-in-laws.
Well spoken polite well study they go to camps in England well what can I say they are just the nicest kids.
Samia was a bit afraid of them however she loved holding Youssef's hand and he took her to the rides at the club.  She kept on telling him that one this one that one, I was amazed how she just went with him.
The view at the club was magnificient next to the water the boats.
Here in Egypt that is what people do go to the club sit and talk have refreshments while their children play with all the ammenities, well is so crowded here in Alexandria that is the safest way to take yoru children out and not have to worry. 

Last night the rest of Yehia's family came Gamal Yehia's uncle and Nagwa his aunt, they were happy with the children but like I have to say they all say Samia looks so much like Mio...we tried to make Zetu feel better but the pain still there. 

Oh I forgot to mention once again Guido took Samia out yesterday for a walk she loves going out with me and seeing the horses in the streets and all of the lights.  Gamila has being kidnap by her Zetu she spleeps downstairs and is complete comfort downstairs eating laughing and she loves for everydody to hold her.  Samia is a bit reserve but her personality is just this way.
Yehia is being doing the paper work to get his driver license and the only thing he has done is paid people, is sad but that is the way things work here in Egypt, he had to go and take a physical the only thing you do is give someone money and you will have a physical proof in your hand.
He went to what is here Motor and Vehicles and there is no such a thing as a computer everything by just funny the way things run in a coutnry with more than 70 million people, I guess is what gives the country and is people the spice....
Oh driving here is insanme they communicate thru the honk, no speed limit, no lights there are sometimes that the lights have the red, yellow and green lit at the same time. I really like it since Colombia is the same way I am not amazed by it.
The best part is the how the people cross the street and I get the feeling that the drivers are more afraid of the people crossing the streets than the people of the cars.  They have this tunnels to be used to cross the streets but they are never used...I guess I will be the only one using them.
This what my schedule looks like (girls this only happens in Egypt so don't have your hopes up that we will keep this back home)

Wake up at around 1:00 PM shower and breakfast go downstairs
Stay there for a while talk, go out sometimes
Come upstairs for afternoon nap 4:00PM
Wake up from nap at around 6:00 PM take shower go downstairs
Downstaris have dinner and wait for people to come and visit if not go out at around 9:00 PM
outside till about 1:00 AM
then come come have  a snack and go to sleep at around 3:00 AM
No kids schedule here!!!
Egyptians kids don't know what is to go to bed at 7:00 PM

Oh some things I forgot to mention Samia you love to take showers here, the baths here are different specially in old homes in the bathroom you don't have a tub look in the pics so Samia sits in the toilet and she takes a bath she loves playing with the water. 
Oh Samia you also love to get into Mio's make up, yesterday baba catch you opening the lipsticks and all kinds of make up, if you are going to be like Mio you are going to love make up, that is something I don't care for.


Stacy said...

Oh my gosh! Go to sleep at 3am!! You're going to have your hands full trying to get them back on track once you get home!

KKGhoffman said...

That is crazy late... What time to people have to be at work?

I saw the picture of the shower... that is crazy it just showers the whole bathroom.