Thursday, July 17, 2008

Going out without children!

Not sure if it is in excuse, but since I am SAHM once per month I get to go out with my friends WITHOUT children! Maybe no children in our presence but one thing has to be said 99% of the time the talk is about them.

After being in Baton Rouge for almost 2 years I can not believe that it has taking me this long to make the kind of friendships that you want for them to last a life time. Now there is a part of me that does not want to move from here (I think Yehia enjoys that, since he would not mind staying here)

Yesterday was a day full of action first a playdate/baby shower, the girls had fun and mami also enjoy seeing so many moms. After that we came home to spend sometime with baba and to play computer games with baba. After that we got the seat covers for Yehia's car (I will definitely put a post about this, I know that my girls one day would enjoy baba's ventures).

At night I went out without children and with my good friends , I enjoyed this time so much, I think sometimes I have gotten so involved in my role as a mom that I forget about myself and what I like to do on my own. I remember when I used to live in MIami and New York this was my routine almost every night out with friends, now days I think about it and I wonder how I was able to go to school, work full time and still had time to be always out with friends. Well I guess the multitasking so early on has help me now days to jiggle the girls, Yehia, my small business. Although the business this days is pretty quite I guess the economy is hitting hard my belly dancer clients!

Gotta run now music class is next! Oh next session I am going to start taking Gamila to music, so Mila (this is how Samia calls your name GAmila) in a few months you will be enroll in your first class! Girls always remember mami loves you! Ustedes son la vida de mami mis gordas lindas, mis pedazitos de gente!!!!

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