Friday, October 1, 2004

Egypt 2004

While in SC on August of 2004 I decided to go to Egypt, I had already met Amira (Yehia's sister) and Guido (Yehia's dad), but I had not met Yehia's mom and Suzzu. It was a long trip leaving from Columbia, SC to Cairo Egypt. However it was so worth it I was greeted by Guido and Amira. I had the best time of my life this was my second trip to Egypt. I really enjoyed my stayed we went to Hurghada with Amira we Scuba Dive, and went to many nice places. Yehia's family was very good and nice to me. After this trip I knew that not only had I marry a wonderful man but his family was very good. I spend in Egypt over 3 weeks.

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