Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Party, hugs and love

The other day we had a little party at John's Maw maw house ( for those that are not from Lousiana this means grandmothers)

Is actually funny the first time I heard people saying maw maw or paw paw I was like what the heck, then I was informed it mean grandmother and grandfather, is actually a pretty word.  The nenes had a blast running around is a huge family actually John was able to take a 5 generation family pictures pretty impressive, is sad that by having my children so old I would not be able to have something like that.  

I know nenes you never got to meet Abuelo and am not sure if we are ever going to have the chance because Abuelo is being very sick he had heart surgery but has not being able to rebound, as I write this Tio Cesar is with him taking care of him and I being able to see him and he has being able to send me a couple of messages is just so sad seeing papi like that, I just pray to God not to let him suffer any longer.

Amir you love spending time with John the truth is that it scares me at times I guess because am used to the girls and the only thing I see them is wanting to be with me, I never knew nor did I imagine boys are so different.

I love the hugs you give oh and the kisses you blow!!!!

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