Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Samia's many birthdays

The days are so different, more like my life has change tremendously.  Baba and mami are going thru some rough times I will not go in detail but one day my loves I will tell you with details what happen.  WE all can learn from the horrible experience I am going thru.  

God is always great after having no friends here I have come across many people and they were so sweet to come for Samia's birthday is amazing to see that there are many good people in the world.

Nenes at this point I can only say that the world is full of lies and sometimes the ones closet to us live another life that we are not aware of.  Don't feel like a fool even though they fool you the one that hurts afterward is the liar.

Among all the stuff that is going on I am holding strong, doing good in school and just waiting for all the changes to come.

Abuela is back with us since things have been so crazy and mami has not being feeling well so she is here to stay with us.  Inshallah things would fix sooner or later right now everything is in God's hands.

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SALMA said...

Aaa Samira. Happy birthday to a sweet girl. You are getting more beautiful as the years pass.