Monday, February 14, 2011


Enough of body fluids....for the past 4 days I have wash so many linens and clothes that I lost count.  Samia started this whole mess of vomit, boogers and diarrhea and like many of you know is just goes around and around.  Even baba got the stomach bug, I am just hoping that by this weekend we would be free of the bug.

This little man that is so peacefully sleeping, loves sticking his hands in the toilet.  Let me be clear he loves to be around water poodles.

This is how I  spend my whole week taking care of sick kids and between all of that taking care of me and baba. Oh and school I started a couple of weeks back and is not easy handling the kids and school, but I know it would pay off.  This way when little man is ready to go to school I am ready to hit the job market with a masters can not wait. 

Although writing papers I HATE IT WITH a passion I get so nervous, for starters my grammar royally sucks like all of you know by now.  Nenes when you are all grown and well educated and read this pages please don't  judge my grammar just the content of these writings.

This coming week should be an interesting we are in a 14 hour road trip with the kids.  If I type in the following days is because I survive the drive.

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