Monday, April 26, 2010

Los 3 ojos

All of us here at home use the red little string...I have always tried to find something that matches I had originally gotten them for las nenas, abuela and myself however the girl I purchase them from was nice enough to send me some extra ones, so baba has one and I am just waiting for Amir to get a little bigger to have his.  The girls love having the same bracelet mami and baba have...LAs nenas and I call it Power Girls..

 Samia you love to make faces and pose for mami...well I have to admit most of the time I have to bribe you.

 Here is my ojitos laying down with mami, Gamila you are so head strong but you can also be so so lovable is just hard to resist you at times.

 This little man is driving all of us nuts at home just look at Zetu here holding you she is so in love with you.

 On Sunday we went to Samanthas's birthday. She is such an adorable girl sweet and las nenas love her dearly...they also love Dora so the girls had a blast.