Monday, February 22, 2010

Food, Cake and friends

Things are getting little by little into a routine, yesterday baba was craving crawfish although mami can not eat it I agree and told him to get me shrimp instead little did we know that Abuela was going to like crawfish so the two had a feast.  Is amazing how you become accustom to food from the places we get to live in I think that when we move baba would miss his crawfish.

Amir is doing great at this point I can compare him to Samia as long as he has a full belly he sleeps with no complains.  I remember Gamila at this age was already me run around. I also notice Amir was getting a bit yellow today so we kept him by the window, tomorrow we will go to the Dr. for his check up and I will ask about that.

Today was Bonnie's birthday I had originally plan different but with the surprise we had we had change of plans we had a nice time we did a mini party with the girls and they got to meet Amir that by the way the were so excited of seeing him.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Felicidades, Mabruk!!!!! I had not checked your blog for a few days and did not realize until just now that your son had been born. He is gorgeous. God bless him! I love his name, Amir, because this is my husband's name. Enjoy your beautiful boy and many, many blessings to your family.

Maria Eugenia

Stylomom said...

I love seafood, crayfish, prawns, squid and crabs, and these look delicious and too much... hehehe
I love your baby boy so handsome Mistika, congrats!