Friday, January 1, 2010

Otro mas another one!

Another year the only thing I can say is Thank you God for giving us health this past year!

I used to get all melancholic every Dec. 31, but last year I made up my  mind that it would be the last time I will cry or get sad...I should be thankful Thank God, Dios and Allah we are healthy.

At my 35 years I have learn that health is the only thing that can take my sleep away...everything else are factors in life that can be change or alter!!!!!

Last night when I went out to walk Yuyu one last time I had the luck to see this full bright moon...what else I could ask for it was a sign of what is coming next years bright bright things.


Anonymous said...

buen signo te mando dios! Vas a tener un ano muy bonito!

Salma said...

Happy New Year!

Umm Omar said...

Well said! And beautiful picture!