Sunday, October 4, 2009

Abuela and Nono Wow so much fun!

Thank God I am feeling much better still very congested but no fever thank God.  Today the girls went out with Abuela and Nono so I could rest.  They had so much fun, for starters they got to have their own Happy meal they have never have one for each I always get one for the two of them. 

Afterwards they went to feed the ducks and run like crazy in the park, they were so happy playing with the girls and the girls had so much fun as well!

I also had to take the girls to the Dr. yesterday because Samia had a slight fever, so the Dr. decided to put them in Tamiflu just as a precuation.


Living Away said...

i'm glad you are feeling better. this flu knocks us down!
take care,


Salma said...

There's nothing better than family...It's great to see kids in their most perfect form.

Hope you are feeling much better, and that the little one is not coming down with something.