Thursday, August 13, 2009

Samia in Preschool!!

Samia we finally took the big step and you will be attending preschool this year. Today we went to the school for open house so you could get familiarize with the school and the teacher. I am very pleased with the school after Monday's parent night I felt supper good about the school.

You are so happy about the school and your new challenge....I am not sure how next Tuesday is going to be when I see you get off the car and I will not be following you, I don't want to even think about it preggo and emotional I think I will be crying the whole 3 hours.

Today we woke up early took a shower, now you have to start taking morning showers, I guess I am old school you need a shower in the morning when you start going to school that is how Abuela did it and that is how I am going to do it, you were so happy taking your shower even Gamila had to join you. After we arrived at the school you went to your teacher and introduce yourself like always "Hi, I am Samia", afterwards you played with some of your classmates and with all the toys.

I personally think you are going to do great, on another note it took me by surprise you are one of the tallest in the class, I have always taken you by my petitte girl, I guess you have strech allot this last months. Tuesday would be our first day, let's wait and see. Inshallah everything would go super smooth in yourside on my side I know there would be tears and I will be missing you the whole morning.


Stacey said...

Samia is so outgoing and charming I knew she would do well and so glad she did. You know it's funny I have always thought of Samia as tall. Miss you guys.

Stacy said...

Samia is going to do great, she's going to love playing with all her new classmates!