Monday, August 10, 2009

Nenas mami inside!!

When you become a mom and your kids start growing and noticing things, you have to change your bad the right thing to do however is not easy.

I get mad at my nenas because they put their fingers in their mouth...but in reality is not fair I am 34 and I still bite my nails how can I explain that to way I have tried over the years but the longest I can go without biting them is 3 week and when I start seeing them how cute they look, bang I do it again.

I love to drink milk out of the can I reprehend them when they are old enough to get the carton and do it, I guess I still have a couple of years till it happens.

I have to admit when I am in a thinking mood I catch myself putting my hair in my that Samia is doing it I can not blame her, I think she learned it from me.

I love to eat with a spoon when I am home, but how can I expect my girls to use the fork instead.

Is not easy being a mom especially that you have to be so persistent if you want to see your kids being raise the right way...something I have learn in these short period of time I have being a mom is that one thing that is not allow in motherhood is LAZINESS if you say NO it has to stay NO 24 hours a day 7 days a looking at things in these perspective my bad habits of biting my nails, my hair etc.....I have to work in them.

Nenas with these I want you to know that nobody is perfect even mami has tons and tons of bad things, but the important thing is to know that we have them and we try to work on them. God made us with defects so we could work on them and become better individuals.


Anonymous said...

well we all have some bad habit to work on! Like mine is def that I'm always late to places but I'm working on it!

.::Tuttie::. said...

OMG! I HEART YOU! I am from El Salvador married to a mutt of every "muslim" country out there! SubhanAllah I get all excited when I meet new hispanic reverts. **faints***