Thursday, July 2, 2009

Round 1 ~~~ Playroom

I feel much better still some pain, but I am getting to do more things.

Gamila today you did the unthinkable. You hit Samia so hard that you broke her lip to the point that it was bleeding.  As you can imagine Milo you got la chancla and then the crib for a long time.  Like magic you were an angel the rest of the day.

Today I started working in fixing the play room still needs many things but I have started putting paper all around the room I was thinking of doing just one wall, but last week my friend Bonnie mention maybe to do only half of the wall all around the room.  I used scrapbook paper from Walmart and the removable glue dots. I originally got the idea from here I did not want to make it so bright and I also like the idea that if the girls color the walls I just have to pull out the paper and replace it.

I still have to do a small piece we run out of the glue and baba does not feel comfortable with me driving yet.

While I was working in their room Gamila and I did some hat dressing up having some fun.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend this room would be all fixed.

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Darcy said...

So cool! I can't wait to see the finished product. I love the paper you chose!