Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fly fly my kite and my mind

The other night while I was putting Samia's pajama I did something I hated when I was growing up, I remember being small and Abuela putting my shirt and every time she was trying to pull it up the arms part she would pinch me, I know she did not mean to do it but it just happen. Is those small pinches that hurt ( I am not sure if I am explaining myself well, but I know nenas you will remember those most dreaded pinches)
Also while I was bathing Gamila I realize how long her hair is, when those curls dry up her hair looks so short, Gamila, Abuela teach me a few techniques in fixing your hair so is being looking better lately.
Today we went to a kite festival away from having so much fun it surely brought back many memories of when I was growing up, Abuelo used to take us to fly our kites.
Nenas the two of you flied the kite Samia you did very well and Gamila you were awesome, it was funny seeing this little person flying the kite I have to be sincere mami is silly and at times I was thinking you were going to fly away with the kite. I know nenas mami is always worrying.

Nenas always remember simple things can be be very fulfilling also remember you don't have to spend allot of money to have fun, remember nenas we are the ones that make things fun is always our attitude that can make the difference.

Baba could not go with us since he is working so much but he was so glad we were going to have fun with the Azadan's. They are just great people, I thank God that they were put in our lives.Today we played soccer, we race in Samantha's little car, Bonnie and I played like little girls flying our kites as well, and we had a nice picnic it was just great the weather to be outside.

Milo you still throwing your temper tantrums however after your last fall now you throw yourself to the front, when Abuela was here she told me to grab you by the arms and make you stand up and talk very strong and seriously and it has being working but today you had to prove me wrong. Here you are throwing one and Alexandra is trying to help you.

I am sorry readers if I change from one subject to another but for one that is how my mind is, I never stop thinking even in my sleep. With that subject last night I dream with Titi Mio, I being having her allot in my mind lately this upcoming Friday would be a year that she enter the hospital and never left I just can not believe it, today while I was driving to the festival I was thinking that we see faces and smiles but we never know what the person or persons are feeling nobody could had tell that today I was sad inside thinking of Mio, I guess when you have children life goes on and we can not pass our pain to them. I dream that Mio was getting marry. She was going to get marry a couple of years back but the engagement was cancel all of a sudden, but in my dream we were planning her wedding I was in Alexandria with her and Zetu planning the big day. I will stop with Amira now if not I will be cleaning tears of my keyboard.


on the edge said...

Beautiful post . Loved to fly kites when I was little too .

Sorry for your loss of MIO.

Umm Omar said...

Kite flying-that sounds fun! I bet the girls loved that. Most of mommy brains work like that. Don't worry. I love how you write this blog to your daughters. I'm sure they'll appreciate it all so much one day, insha'Allah.

mistika said...

on the edge - Thank you

Umm Omar - yes they had a blast. Inshallah one day they would read it and enjoy it.

Lizzie Fish said...

Oh man I wish we would have known about the kite festival! It really was such a beatiful day to get out and enjoy the can't buy memories like that. =)

Anonymous said...

You take such great pictures.