Thursday, April 30, 2009

Enty fein Mistika? ~ Pickle Lemons & Saving lemons

So I love the little key limes the smalls ones they are full of juice, but for some reason they only sell them in bags of almost 20, and although I love lemons almost in everything they still go bad so I finally decided to put them to some use and not throw away all the ones that go bad. I found this way of saving the lemons so we could use them at a future time.

Esprimir (not sure how to say that in English)the lemons
Then put the juice ice cube holders
Put them in the fridge
The next day put them in a bag and every time you need lemon just take one of your cubes out and you have the lemon juice with no preservatives.

I put some bags in top of the ice cube holder so they would not get the smells from the freezer. I being putting a cube of lemon in my water bottle.

ThenI decided to make some Pickle Lemons Egyptian style for this we call our Suzzu, baba and Samia like them I am not too fond of them but I think that after making them I will eat them.

You take the lemons and boil them till they get a yellowish color.
Then take kosher salt and black seeds (these you can get in any international store they also go by the name of Black cumin, Kalonji) and mix that in the glass jar with some water, you can also put some hot pepper but I don't do spices so they are not in my jar.
Put the lemons in the jar and put in your kitchen cabinet for about 10 days.
After the 10 days they are ready to be eaten, you can even use them to cook.

Here is my Milo being a silly girl, she is trying to learn how to flip so every time I turn around I see her nalgas and her face between her legs. Samia I remember you used to love to this when you were about the same age.

Nenas this coming week would be a year Titi Mio left us, truely I have not really want to think about it because I know the only thing I will do is cry, is amazing how eventhough she did not get to visit us here in Baton Rouge there are 100 things that remind me of her. Today while I was taking out an old purse I found a note she once send me...I just can not believe she is not here, Why >>>>>>she was an angel sent from heaven I guess that is why she was only with us for 3 decades, but why take her back.

I miss her she is the sister I never had. I know Allah you took her and gave me 2 beautiful girls but she is the person I always though was going to take care of my children something would happen to us. I know we have Abuela and Zetu but she was young and I know she loved you nenas like you were her own children.

Mio you teach me so many things I will let the nenas know all of the stuff you teach me, all the funny things we did, and all the times we spoke in Yahoo for hours. Mio since you left I never use it anymore, you were the only person I wanted to chat with.

Wahashtiny habibi, enty fein...I can hear you know saying "Ahlan Mistika, Fein habibi????? I being waiting for you here!!! Sorry for all of those times I made you wait and wait for me...if I would had only know I would had make it everyday at 12 o'clock on the dot.


Stylomom said...

Hi Deary,
You have been awarded, check out my post on Blog Award.

Stylomom said...

This is a sad post after the lemon bits... is Mio your late sister in law? the one you made the dolls for?

Umm Omar said...

Freezing the lemon juice is a great idea. And how can you not like pickled lemons?? :P
I'm sorry about your sister. Your words reminded me to be more grateful to those in my life.

Living Away said...

oh God, i love those lemons. the first time i went to egypt i tried them out and the second i ate them daily and i brought a jar home.
soooo delicious!

Anonymous said...

que linda! Thanks for that great advice, now I won't be scared to buy soo many limones! I'm sorry, you know when somoeone leaves us it's not the burial or the days after that are hard it's when time goes on and you start missing them and then you realize that they are gone I'm sorry...