Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bunny where is your cross???

So Easter is coming or like I call it Semana Santa.

I was talking to abuela about the eastern basket for the girls and I was like wow they get a basket the only thing I did when Semana Santa came around was pray pray and more praying.

In Colombia for us Easter is praying and attending processions and attending mass..I never chased hidden eggs.

Imaginate yo corriendo buscando huevos (huy suena super vulgar -- imaginate yo de la edad de 5 anos "Mami mami voy a buscar huevos" -- no joda llego a decir algo asi y me hubieran agarrado a rejo.

Makes me think how this little anthropomorphism bunny became a part of Easter, from what I google apparently it came about in Germany, even though I did not grow with the bunny I think is cute, but not sure I can incorporate the bunny to the religion part, I will think of something. Although is hard how can I make my girls see Semana Santa as a time to pray and sacrifice if in the other hand the only thing they would see is jumping bunnies, eggs filled with chocolate, baskets full of candy and toys.

Now that I am talking about religion I was amazed by seeing so many Catholic churches in my drive from Baton Rouge, LA to Thibodaux, LA, one day that I take the drive and I am not running to make it some where I will take pictures of all of the Catholic churches I pass along the way...however just from the top of my head I think I pass 5 at least, that is allot for a 1 hour drive.

Oh nenas I should mention in Egypt they do paint eggs baba used to exchange eggs with his friends when he was a little kid, funny how baba did it and mami never did it.


Anonymous said...

There is a neat book at Walmart where they incorporate bunnies and candy with Jesus and the Cross for Easter - pretty neat! IT helps explain it to the kids!


Amanda said...

The bunny/egg thing comes from pagan and celtic roots. A lot of the way people celebrate holidays in the US comes from similar traditions (Halloween and Christmas are big ones).

Mama Kalila said...

We do eggs (represent new life and Jesus rising from the grave like the baby's hatch - pretty easy to incorporate to religion) but no bunny. Well... stuffed bunnies yes, but fake Easter Bunny who hides the eggs no.

Added to going to Church all week... I hope my kids (kid at this point) gets the point lol.