Thursday, March 5, 2009

Whose turn is it tonight? Mami or Baba!

Just a little info for those that don't read my About Me...

Baba is from Egypt
Mami from Colombia... A bad bad combination...nenas thank God you guys are American.

Every night baba and mami sit in the couch and watch our fare of shows just to name a few:

Law and Order Criminal Intent

Law and Order SUV
Or any action movie since those are baba's favorite...pretty much any police chasing movie or series we are in.

And almost every night mami will hear something in the shows that goes within this lines "Colombians, Colombia, Drugs, Cartel, Kidnap, Cocaine" If I get a freebie that night for sure is baba's night and baba would certainly hear something within these lines ""Arabs, Muslim, Middle Eastern, terrorist, explosives"

(nenas my this and these in the two sentences above were done in purpose those two words drive me insane so I figure I will used the two at least one of the sentences has the correct grammar)

In other words we are doomed.....I would always joke with baba you and me in a plane are a high risk...

Nenas this is 2009 well I should say mami has being living with the Colombian vendetta since she arrived in the USA, I will never forget Miami Beach school year of 1985 (gosh I am old). We had just arrived from Colombia, Zero English and in Elementary school the teacher ask me "De donde es usted" (where you from) Mami "De Colombia" (From Colombia) hard to explain his facial expression but with his verbal comment it would be more than enough "oh mucho polvo" (Oh lots of powder) What was I going to know at the age of 11.

Baba in the other hand I remember being in NYC right after 2001 and his van being stop in the Queensbooro bridge -- and being held for hours -- most likely because he was an Arab and he was going into the city with a van pushing a coffee cart..

So baba and mami in one way or another have felt what is being from a country and having to deal with the prejudice but nenas in these situations the best solution is me nenas a laugh can cure anything --

Hey at least people know where we are from when we say our countries.
People not only relate drugs to Colombia I also get ask about my coffee, and for Egypt people are always intrigue with the pyramids so is not only the bad stuff we have lots and lots things to offer.

Nenas when you think of Colombia or Egypt think of these, actually I have pictures of me in these two places but I could not find them


Lana said...

Great pictures!

If you wrote one sentence, it would be refered to as "this" sentance. More than one is "these" sentences or lines.

This muffin is hot. / These muffins are hot.

This is my eye. / These are my eyes.

To REALLY confuse you, if there was a picture of my eyes, I could point to them and say "those" are my eyes. "These" works too though.

This = one. These = more than one. Does that help? ☺ ☺

Lana said...

You're doing very well though, and would not have noticed if it wasn't pointed out! ☺

mistika said...

Lana - thanks so much it always helps I try to remember all the time but I think that since it does not come automatically it slows me down, and I am always 150 mph

Anonymous said...

Wow, that must be difficult to live like that. Good for you for having a sense of humor about life!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that must be difficult to live like that. Good for you for having a sense of humor about life!

Amanda said...

You guys have such an interesting perspective. I am sorry so many people are negative.

That is an amazing looking cathedral! I bet Colombia is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I know what you mean!! Your girls are very lucky to have such diversity of different cultures that sounds cool and fun!

Anonymous said...

PS I nominated you for an award check out my new post!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I don't watch any of those shows!! But I've got plenty of my own to view. ;-)

Stacey said...

That's funny when I think of Columbia I think of coffee and when I think of Egypt I think pyramids. HA!

Counselormama said...

I think exactly like Stacey! Also, I know four women from Columbia and they are all gorgeous!