Monday, March 9, 2009

Thank you or No Gracias

Is funny how little things become issues that make me think...

When I was growing up I was teach to say Gracias Mami, Gracias Papi all the time...I guess more like an appreciation to our parents.

To this day when my mom comes to visit me and she serves me a cup of coffee I will say something like "Mami gracias" When all of us go out for dinner and dinner is finish I will say "Thank you baba" I guess is the way we were raised to say "Gracias " for everything.

When Guido came over came to visit us for 3 months to take care of me when I was pregnant with Samia it would bother him and even when I went to Egypt and I will say "Shookran" for everything they would always say "No Mistika, we are family you don't have to say Thank You" --- Is hard for me not to be appreciative.

Is amazing how in different cultures there are right times to say "Gracias, Thank you, Shookran" I think there should be an universal word for THANK so easy to say and so meaningful..maybe this way we learn that we have to appreciate what others do for us, no matter how diminutive it can be --


Nur said...

same happens to me with some people
i guess, we are accustomed (latins) to say Gracias for everything!
but we were raised like that, and i if i have kids (insha'Allah) i will teach them same!
i'm completely agree with you sister!

Las nenas son muy lindas!
se ve que haces un muy buen trabajo como madre!
que estes bien hermana

Khadra said...

I say Thank You a lot. I think that is something my husband pointed out to me a long time ago. But it pays, my kids learn to say it right from the start.

And I admit, when I do something for someone else, I sometimes get annoyed if I dont hear a thank you. I probably should work on that part.

Counselormama said...

That is interesting about that culture. Like maybe the thank you is implied because you are all related, hmmm. I say thank you for everything, and I want my kids to do the same. I wonder how many times I say to my kids, "Now, what do you say?" hee hee

Anonymous said...

Yeah same over here! Like my cousin stated(Counselormama), It's all in the culture, I always say thank you even when I give my patients their medicine and they say "NO thank you!" I say oh ok! My mom; a don't know how many times I thank her too, I feel guilty when she helps me out!

Anonymous said...

I say please and thank you all the time too!