Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Friends -- Why push alpha color numb????

Today we had lots of fun as well as yesterday is being a busy beginning of the week. Samia and Gamila you guys enjoy going out to see friends and mami too today and yesterday has being Latino fun.
Yesterday we went to see our friend Jazmin most likely by the time I finish writing this she must have a newborn in her arms....I love that feeling and sometimes I get melancholic that maybe Milo was the last time I hold my own newborn...but I am afraid of having more...between my age and my hide and seek pre clampsia I rather not.

I think it would be irresponsible of me as a mom to play hide and seek with my health and the welfare of my nenas. So I guess no more nenes for mami..okey let me get back to my fun.
Today we cooked with my friend and the girls just had plain fun, running brushing their hair, fighting, playing with the flowers etc. Seeing this makes me think why do we push so many things in our children why do we want them to learn the alphabet when they are 2 or the colors or the shapes, why do we push them with the puzzles... I have tried this with Samia going online and cutting them and trying and she has not interest for them...Samia I wonder why! Come on when I was growing up my mom did not sit with me and teach me the alphabet she let me be myself I always ask Abuela what she used to do with us and it was mainly play and play..of course all of these at the age my nenas are now-- she allow me to learn at my own pace...is sad how us as parents push are children so much....we want them to grow up so fast WHY?

Samia you are so excited about your birthday and the party..I being working on some stuff nothing major I am more excited about the cake I am going to make for you -- I know you are going to enjoy seeing all of your little playmates around. Inshallah you have lots and lots of fun

Gamila you have started to talk lots and lots --- you sound something like this
Samiaaaa --- Gaga for Guido -- Dadddddy ------ Baba ---- Mami ---- Abi for Abuela --- you can not say Zetu ---- Coockie -- Ako for eating! You are becoming such a girly girly with those earrings you are driving baba crazy! You also love dancing !!! you have a very nice rhythm

Guido and Zetu would be going to Mecca soon Inshallah everything goes well, also baba and mami have being a little down lately this next couple of weeks would be a little hard because Mio allot of things happen those two months prior to her saying Salam!!! Is hard specially on baba since he does not talk much about it but I know is in his mind...Nenas she was a great person, full of live, funny, silly, and with lots and lots for the two of you!!! Even though she did not get to see you guys her room was full of you two!

On another note the tulip got a new friend Mini Roses - when I try to get my pink tulips they did not have any more so I opted for the mini roses hopefully the would get pretty.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post for your girls.
Yes, it must be hard that you want another baby, but realize that because of your health you must do the responsible thing for your girls.

Anonymous said...

I agree with not pushing our kids to learn the alphabet by 2 yrs old!I don't care too much for parents that like to brag about their kid being smartest in the block! All they need is play, their imagination will prepare them for the years ahead! After all it;s problem solving if you think about it!

Counselormama said...

I agree, they will learn what they need when they need it. I let go of this concern and the world did not end! :)

Mona said...

Yea these things come in their own good time, inshaAllah

Lisa said...

I love your mothering skills Mistika. These girls are the happiest I've seen in the blog world. Everytime I see them they have their foot in some fun play project and you all make me want to get my son out more! You have done a beautiful job letting them just be kids, and will look back fondly I'm sure. Especially compared to a mom who focused all her energy on private schools and testing at this age. Love you and those girls!